Is there an alternative sleep function in C to milliseconds?

Yes – older POSIX standards defined usleep(), so this is available on Linux: DESCRIPTION The usleep() function suspends execution of the calling thread for (at least) usec microseconds. The sleep may be lengthened slightly by any system activity or by the time spent processing the call or by the granularity of system timers. usleep() takes …

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How to implement sleep function in TypeScript?

You have to wait for TypeScript 2.0 with async/await for ES5 support as it now supported only for TS to ES6 compilation. You would be able to create delay function with async: And call it BTW, you can await on Promise directly: Please note, that you can use await only inside async function. If you can’t (let’s say you are building nodejs application), just …

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Sleep function Visual Basic

Is there a simple sleep function in Visual Basic that doens’t involve thread. Something similiar like there exists in: C: sleep(1); We also tried this code: …but it didn’t work. It gave me this error: PInvokeStackImbalance was detected Message: A call to PInvoke function ‘Ganzenbordspel!Ganzenbordspel.Spel::Sleep’ has unbalanced the stack. This is likely because the managed PInvoke …

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What is the JavaScript version of sleep()?

2017 — 2021 update Since 2009 when this question was asked, JavaScript has evolved significantly. All other answers are now obsolete or overly complicated. Here is the current best practice:  Run code snippetExpand snippet This is it. await sleep(<duration>). Or as a one-liner: Note that, await can only be executed in functions prefixed with the async keyword, or at …

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Tell Ruby Program to Wait some amount of time

Like this: The num_secs value can be an integer or float. Also, if you’re writing this within a Rails app, or have included the ActiveSupport library in your project, you can construct longer intervals using the following convenience syntax: