how to empty recyclebin through command prompt?

You can effectively “empty” the Recycle Bin from the command line by permanently deleting the Recycle Bin directory on the drive that contains the system files. (In most cases, this will be the C: drive, but you shouldn’t hardcode that value because it won’t always be true. Instead, use the %systemdrive% environment variable.) The reason that this tactic works …

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How do I change the default location for Git Bash on Windows?

After installing msysgit I have the Git Bash here option in the context menu in Windows Explorer. So I just simply navigate to the directory and then open Bash right there. I also copied the default Git Bash shortcut to the desktop and edited its Start in property to point to my project directory. It works flawlessly. Windows 7×64, msysgit.

Create a function with optional call variables

Powershell provides a lot of built-in support for common parameter scenarios, including mandatory parameters, optional parameters, “switch” (aka flag) parameters, and “parameter sets.” By default, all parameters are optional. The most basic approach is to simply check each one for $null, then implement whatever logic you want from there. This is basically what you have already …

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Can’t start hostednetwork

This happen after you disable via Control Panel -> network adapters -> right click button on the virtual connection -> disable To fix that go to Device Manager (Windows-key +x+ m on windows 8, Windows-key +x then m on windows 10), then open the network adapters tree , right click button on Microsoft Hosted Network Virtual Adapter and click on enable. Try now with …

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