Is curl required?

For the record, I have uninstalled curl and wordpress was working on seamlessly. So I confirm that curl is not a dependency of wordpress. However, some plugins may require curl.

Facebook OAuth, WP_Http::request() vs wp_remote_request()

To answer my own question, when you use WP_Http, the transport used is selected, in this order, from this array: $request_order = array( ‘curl’, ‘streams’, ‘fsockopen’ ); If your PHP supports curl, WP_Http_Curl is used. Curl doesn’t support adding the body array parameters when the method is GET WP_Http_Streams and WP_Http_Fsockopen on the other hand, …

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How to use the HTTP API with a Proxy?

The proxy settings work just like a regular HTTP requests but in this case obviously routed through a proxy. In terms of WordPress the API’s transport layers all support proxy connections(fsockopen, fopen, cURL, ). The things about proxy configurations are they come in several flavors and each setup is different so it makes answering this …

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