How can I parse a YAML file in Python

The easiest and purest method without relying on C headers is PyYaml (documentation), which can be installed via pip install pyyaml:

#!/usr/bin/env python

import yaml

with open("example.yaml", "r") as stream:
    except yaml.YAMLError as exc:

And that’s it. A plain yaml.load() function also exists, but yaml.safe_load() should always be preferred unless you explicitly need the arbitrary object serialization/deserialization provided in order to avoid introducing the possibility for arbitrary code execution.

Note the PyYaml project supports versions up through the YAML 1.1 specification. If YAML 1.2 specification support is needed, see ruamel.yaml as noted in this answer.

Also, you could also use a drop in replacement for pyyaml, that keeps your yaml file ordered the same way you had it, called oyaml. View synk of oyaml here

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