Using %PROGRAMFILES(x86)% on Windows OS 32bit

According to this the environment variable %PROGRAMFILES(x86)% is only available on 64-bit systems. However, if you are on a 64-bit system and use %PROGRAMFILES%, the result you get depend on whether the process requesting the environment variable is 32-bit or 64-bit. So from a 64-bit process on a 64-bit system you would get C:\Program Files, from a 32-bit process on a …

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How to set environment variables in PyCharm?

You can set environmental variables in Pycharm’s run configurations menu. Open the Run Configuration selector in the top-right and cick Edit Configurations… Find Environmental variables and click … Add or change variables, then click OK You can access your environmental variables with os.environ

Defining and using a variable in batch file

The space before the = is interpreted as part of the name, and the space after it (as well as the quotation marks) are interpreted as part of the value. So the variable you’ve created can be referenced with %location %. If that’s not what you want, remove the extra space(s) in the definition.

How Should I Set Default Python Version In Windows?

This is if you have both the versions installed. Go to This PC -> Right-click -> Click on Properties -> Advanced System Settings. You will see the System Properties. From here navigate to the “Advanced” Tab -> Click on Environment Variables. You will see a top half for the user variables and the bottom half for System variables. Check the System Variables and double-click on …

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