Share or sync user table data with another user table

Welcome to WPSE. Asking for plugin recommendations is considered off-topic here, so here’s an action approach to the problem. wp_insert_user() takes care of adding new users to the database. The last action the function fires is user_register, which “Fires immediately after a new user is registered”. You could hook your function to this action and …

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Identifying Plugins Based on Tables [closed]

This could be from a number of plugins, including WPForms, RankMath, and Woocommerce — it is the Action Scheduler, something that is included in them, originally made by Woocommerce. What I’d suggest is, if you are able, search your codebase, especially your plugin files, for an instance of actionscheduler — and see what comes up.

echo spesific title get_the_title

you can use the_title($quiz) instead of get_the_title() Put this code foreach($quiz_ids as $quiz_id){ echo ‘<th><a href=”‘.get_permalink($quiz_id).'” target=”_blank”> ‘.the_title($quiz_id).'</a></th>’; } Hope this will help you

table chaos since upgrade to 4.8

To follow up, I did some more research on what causes html corruption, and one possible answer is different versions of jquery being called by different plugins. So i installed “jQuery Updater”. This didn’t fix it, but it gave me the clue to toggle on/off plugins that use jquery. When I hit the 3rd of …

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How to get value from wp_usermeta table in database?

You should be using add_user_meta instead of update_user_meta: if (isset($_POST[‘billing_cpf’])) { add_user_meta($customer_id, ‘billing_cpf’, $POST[‘billing_cpf’], true); } As this will only add the meta if it does not already exist – no update. (This will prevent this field from being updatable – unless by you another way.) Note: normally you could use something like this to …

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How can I create this type of table/catalog? [closed]

You should create custom post type – you can do it with code in functions.php or using a plugin Create basic page template to loop through new post type Add custom fields to store extra data as in tour screenshot. I usually use acf plugin for it Fine tune your new page template with the …

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