How to change the buttons text using javascript

If the HTMLElement is input[type='button'], input[type='submit'], etc.

<input id="ShowButton" type="button" value="Show">
<input id="ShowButton" type="submit" value="Show">

change it using this code:

document.querySelector('#ShowButton').value = 'Hide';

If, the HTMLElement is button[type='button'], button[type='submit'], etc:

<button id="ShowButton" type="button">Show</button>
<button id="ShowButton" type="submit">Show</button>

change it using any of these methods,

document.querySelector('#ShowButton').innerHTML = 'Hide';
document.querySelector('#ShowButton').innerText = 'Hide';
document.querySelector('#ShowButton').textContent = 'Hide';

Please note that

  • input is an empty tag and cannot have innerHTML, innerText or textContent
  • button is a container tag and can have innerHTML, innerText or textContent

Ignore this answer if you ain’t using, and rad-grid

You must use value instead of innerHTML.

Try this.

document.getElementById("ShowButton").value= "Hide Filter";

And since you are running the button at server the ID may get mangled in the framework. I so, try

document.getElementById('<%=ShowButton.ClientID %>').value= "Hide Filter";

Another better way to do this is like this.

On markup, change your onclick attribute like this. onclick="showFilterItem(this)"

Now use it like this

function showFilterItem(objButton) {
    if (filterstatus == 0) {
        filterstatus = 1;
        $find('<%=FileAdminRadGrid.ClientID %>').get_masterTableView().showFilterItem();
        objButton.value = "Hide Filter";
    else {
        filterstatus = 0;
        $find('<%=FileAdminRadGrid.ClientID %>').get_masterTableView().hideFilterItem();
        objButton.value = "Show filter";

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