How to create custom home page via plugin?

An Active Plugin

To make an active plugin, use the following resources:

From the following StackExchange thread, try to understand what are the Hooks and what are things acting behind a plugin:

Template Hiearchy

Then you will need to learn the WordPress Template Hierarchy. For WordPress Template hierarchy consult the Codex page for Template Hierarchy#In Detail. Get idea about the Home Page Display and Front Page Display template settings.

Custom Home Page

Now try to find out a way to make your own custom home page. Use whether the front-page.php or home.php template and display your own homepage. Hook to wp_head() on the header.php to echo your custom codes/ custom template other than the default one. Hook some code to overwrite the Settings > Reading rules in WP-Admin.

REMEMBER: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy – so implement, initiate, and integrate what you’ve learnt. Don’t wait to someone will appear with a bunch of code and you’ll paste ’em to make your own. “cerca trova” – “Seek and ye shall find”. Good luck.

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