A multi-section WordPress store [closed]

It’s possible to build a multi-section online store using WordPress and WooCommerce but it does come with its complexities. Having the three sections integrated within the same site can be advantageous in terms of shared traffic, cross-selling opportunities, and providing a diverse product/service mix to your visitors. However, this setup will be more complex and … Read more

Unload templates; disable parent Template Parts using only “theme.json”

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to disable certain template parts in a child theme using theme.json in WordPress with Gutenberg? Using only theme.json this is not possible, and runs counter to the vision for full site editing. In the future it’s possible that not only the parent theme templates might be visible, but … Read more

new WP_Query with order args – no more distinction between categories

On the template driving your archive page, you can use the query_posts() function to adjust the main query (WordPress’ default main query, not your custom one). query_posts( array( ‘orderby’ => ‘modified’, ‘order’ => ‘ASC’, ) ); Using the pre_get_posts action is the better method, though slightly more complex (untested, would go in theme’s functions.php or … Read more