Custom Post Type admin screen in Network Admin

It was resolved. This question was specific to some particular project and it’s requirements. And, it was fulfilled at that time with a multisite function for WordPress. What I did: The task was done using a sub-class of WP_Query named WP_Query_Multisite. This class provides us arguments to use for which site to grab the info …

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Move two independent sites to network

It’s a good idea to search WP DEV before you post a new question: And Google is a good try, too: The WordPress Codex is a good place to start: Since Version 3.0, WordPress includes new multisite features, meaning that it can run many blogs, even with their own separate domains, on …

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Issue when transforming an existing site to multi-site with subfolders setup

You can only use sub-directories with multisite on a fresh WP installation. WordPress Multisite doesn’t allow sub-directories for domains on an old site. So your possible solution would be to setup WP-Multisite using sub-domains as: & You may go through this article to learn more about WP Multisite: The Ultimate Guide to WordPress …

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WordPress Multisite – Auto enable theme

Unfortunately, no. For something like that to work, WordPress (or some plugin to do that) would need to scan themes folder for changes, and that can be performance intensive operation. Maybe with some sort of scheduled scan running every few minutes. I am not aware of any plugin that can do that.