Bulk delete media by year

We tried with couple of plugins , but there isn’t any with option to bulk delete images by month or year. If you have access to wp-cli you can try to delete attachments by year and month with: wp post delete $(wp post list –post_type=”attachment” -—year=2016 -—monthnum=12 –format=ids) or just by year with: wp post … Read more

How can i edit all posts slug in bulk keeping WP native redirect?

This is what worked for me: function remove_false_words($slug) { if(!is_page()) if (!is_admin()) return $slug; $keys_false = array(‘unwanted’,’word’); $slug = explode (‘-‘, $slug); $slug = array_diff($slug,$keys_false); return implode (‘-‘, $slug); } add_filter (‘sanitize_title’, ‘remove_false_words’); Then you can use wordpress dashboard to select all posts, bulk edit, Update. And the words will be removed from slugs with … Read more