In python, how can I print lines that do NOT contain a certain string, rather than print lines which DO contain a certain string:

The problem isn’t your use of not, it’s that or doesn’t mean what you think it does (and if you think it through, it couldn’t): You’re asking whether the expression (“StatusRequest” or “StatusResponse”) appears in line. But that expression is just the same thing as “StatusRequest”. Put it in English: you’re not trying to say “if neither of these is in line”. Python …

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Scheme console printing

Printing in Scheme works by calling display (and possibly, newline). Since you want to call it sequentially before/after something else (which, in a functional (or in the case of Scheme, functional-ish) language only makes sense for the called functions side-effects), you would normally need to use begin, which evaluates its arguments in turn and then returns the value of …

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Print Pdf in C#

A very straight forward approach is to use an installed Adobe Reader or any other PDF viewer capable of printing: Another way is to use a third party component, e.g. PDFView4NET

Python 3 print without parenthesis

Although you need a pair of parentheses to print in Python 3, you no longer need a space after print, because it’s a function. So that’s only a single extra character. If you still find typing a single pair of parentheses to be “unnecessarily time-consuming,” you can do p = print and save a few characters that way. …

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