Second nav is merged with the first in mobile

In functions.php, change the function magazine_responsive_menu_settings() to the following: function magazine_responsive_menu_settings() { $settings = [ ‘mainMenu’ => __( ‘Menu’, ‘magazine-pro’ ), ‘subMenu’ => __( ‘Submenu’, ‘magazine-pro’ ), ‘menuClasses’ => [ ‘combine’ => [ ‘.nav-primary’, ‘.nav-header’, ], ], ]; return $settings; } Basically, in the combine, I removed ‘.nav-secondary’, This is how it looks like now

Merge posts plugin? [closed]

/** * Merge metadata from one post to another. * * @param int $from_ID Source post ID * @param int $to_ID Target post ID * @param bool $overwrite Whether to overwrite metadata if the key already exists * @return bool|array */ function wpse_20231_merge_postmeta( $from_ID, $to_ID, $overwrite = true ) { // get ALL metadata for …

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merging two multisites

A lot depends on the setup of the two current multisites: Do they share a common user base, if any? What kind of plugins are installed, if any? Likewise themes? Is it obvious which one is going to be imported in to the other? How many different authors are there? Things like author IDs will …

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Combining two wordpress queries with pagination is not working

You can try the following (untested): Setup the query arguments #1: (today) //—————– // Query part #1: //—————– $args1 = array( ‘post_type’ => ‘post’, ‘orderby’ => ‘comment_count’, ‘ignore_sticky_posts’ => 1, ‘date_query’ => array( array( ‘after’ => date(‘Y-m-d’), ), ‘inclusive’ => true, ) ); Setup the query arguments #2: (!today) //—————– // Query part #2: //—————– …

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How to merge two or more WordPress posts?

The requirements you are describing require much more of an explanation than is really suitable here. A simple solution might be to mark the duplicate posts as duplicates via a meta box on the post screen. This meta box would have one input: A reference to another post. Check out this tutorial on how to …

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How to merge two queries together

A single query Thought about this a bit more and there’s a chance that you can go with a single/the main query. Or in other words: No need for two additional queries when you can work with the default one. And in case you can’t work with a default one, you won’t need more than …

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