Do I need to include a textdomain if my theme doesn’t support translation?

If your code, be it a theme or a plugin, does not support translation, then don’t use the translation functions. And if you don’t use these functions, you cannot use a text domain. 🙂 There is a very common error that looks like this: echo __( ‘Portfolio’ ); Portfolio is not part of WordPress’ core …

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How to get the SQL of the changes made to the database from an update or upgrade?

Log queries: You could collect all the queries during core/plugin/theme upgrades to see what happens. Just follow these two steps: 1) You should add: define( ‘SAVEQUERIES’, TRUE ); to your wp-config.php file to collect all queries during a page load into the $wpdb->queries array. Just remember to remove it afterwards. 2) Then you could log …

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Recreating a local repository from a currently existing repo..which I own

Use this URL format for checkout (if using TortoiseSVN, just right click and do checkout from Explorer): You will need to use your username/password for WordPress (the account used to publish the plugin) to do any commits. Command line instructions are available direct from WordPress here:

Missing Logo in Repository

Comparing how your plugin is diplayed with your neighbour on the list here, they have 2 images on the CSS inline script, and yours only show one, the other background image url being empty. Yours: background-image: url(//×256.png?rev=1110269 background-image: url() Theirs: background-image: url(//×128.png?rev=1082746 background-image: url(//×256.png?rev=1082746 If you are sure you uploaded that 128px image, in …

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